What is ePLEX?

A state-of-the-art electronic entertainment complex focused on video gaming and virtual reality experiences. The ePLEX’s gaming plans include programs and activities for all levels of video gamers from beginners to professionals. Our virtual reality systems will provide immersive experiences from strictly entertainment to competitive events. The ePLEX will also provide entertainment experiences for those who only wish to spectate.

Where is ePLEX in Birmingham Alabama?

1476 Montgomery Hwy, Vestavia Hills, Alabama 35216

What was ePLEX created for?

ePLEX solves the problem of gaming isolation. We provide an atmosphere that fosters the creation of relationships between gamers, spectators and entertainment seekers of all ages and skill levels.

What does ePLEX offer the community?

ePLEX will offer cities a facility that will make its gamer population proud. The ePLEX will offer programs that will encourage and foster community involvement into the fast-growing space of esports’ competition and entertainment. As the esport industry continues to grow toward more immersive technologies such as VR and AR, our electronic complex will take steps alongside the industry. ePLEX just might be the first business for a “Ready Player One” type community experience!

Do you offer jobs?

Team ePLEX is a group of creative thinking, entrepreneurial executives with the desire to take video gaming to new heights. Team EPLEX has incorporated the talent necessary to bring state of the art gamer facilities to mid-sized cities by designing a business plan that insures profitable sustainability. If you feel like you want to be a part of this amazing team please contact info@theePLEX.com with a resume and one of our team will contact you.